About US

About Us

The company started with its origins in contract manufacturing & selling air purifiers online.

At the time, e-commerce was still in its infancy, where Amazon was a bookseller, and eBay was only an auction. Throughout the years, we built a brand that became a household name for household air purifiers, and with the rise of Amazon, we expanded by becoming an authorized distributor of other makers of air purifier products. On this day, we have expanded horizontally into different industries with different brand names.

Our success derives from our ability to utilize e-commerce platforms before it became what it is today. We understood early on that products sold online are readily accessible and can be offered at excellent value. However, as the e-commerce landscape is continuously changing, we continue to hone our abilities to deliver a valuable service as the key to staying competitive.

Over the years, we received requests to assist in friends’ or families’ businesses in expansion, and soon after, we formulated a program to assist businesses in search of international expansion. Now we specialize in working with factories and brands to ensure they are effectively capitalizing on the opportunities of e-commerce and its ever-changing online landscape. We offer more than just sales for our clients, we establish their presence online, allowing them to sell direct to consumers worldwide.

Core Values

Our core values drive us to be consistent in everyday decision making, so our clients can depend on us to act in their best interest.


Trust is very important in all business relationships, that is why we allow our clients to have access to the accounts we create for them on the e-commerce websites.

This way our clients can monitor our every move until we have earned their trust.

Commitment To Perform

We believe in our ability to sell on the e-commerce platform so much that we will not charge a fee until our client’s products are sold.

This way if we fail to produce any sales, the costs of the campaign will be on us.