Amazon Ads


Amazon PPC Advertising Management

One Apollo has a successful track record of advertising for all sorts of products while maintaining within budget and an optimal cost per sale. Each product may have varying levels of market competitiveness and unique challenges. However, having One Apollo help create and manage your advertising campaigns has historically shown across our clients increased ad spend efficiency, where even with our fees, overall net earnings have increased.

Here’s what One Apollo can do for you with our Amazon Ads Management Service.

Depending on a client’s budget, we will create a campaign under each advertising method available as a starting point. After the initial delta period, we will turn off any (if any) non-performing campaigns if under budget constraints and optimize potential campaigns indefinitely. Over time, each campaign will increase efficiency from daily to weekly continuous optimization, depending on the client’s budget.

At One Apollo, we understand staying within budget is a must; therefore, we are willing to subsidize and refund any overbudget advertising spend on campaigns managed by us. In addition, we set ACOS or ROAS goals based on the market development fund percentage per dollar sold. This way, ad funds generated by sales will always equal ad funds spent.

Finally, we have our proprietary technique in finding a range of keywords and product targets (narrow to broad depending on client budget) from our years of experience in the Amazon and digital advertising industry.