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Product Digital Asset Creation

One Apollo’s Product Digital Asset Creation package is the most comprehensive service offering available in the market to provide our clients with all-inclusive digital assets for an Amazon listing. A significant contribution to a product’s ranking is the digital content; this service offering provides all the digital content a client would need to maximize their listings potential in organic ranking on Amazon. The Product Digital Asset Creation package includes:

Seven 3000×3000 Square Thumbnail Images (Standard Image Mix Below)

(1x) Hero Image that will comply with Amazon Image Standards (although we will make efforts to differentiate from competing listings)

(1x) Dimension Image show critical product dimensions

(4x) Feature Images to differentiate the product from competitors / (if applicable) How to Use Image to quickly convey product functionality

(1x) Lifestyle Image to show product placement

Five to Seven Enhanced Brand Content or A+ Modules: If the client’s product has a substitute or complementry lines, we will prepare:

(1-2x) modules to introduce product line

(3x) modules to elaborate on product features in further detail

(1x) module as a product lifestyle image

(1x) comparison table to cross-sell other product lines

If the client’s product is a standalone product, we will prepare:

(4x) modules to elaborate on product features in further detail

(1x) module as a lifestyle image

Note: Original product image quality affects the result of the images. If the Client took the previous product images in low-quality resolution, the result would still be a low-quality solution product image. It is highly advisable to purchase our Product Digital Asset Creation package if existing product images are not of quality.

Basic 360° Video

Amazon favors highly to products with videos. In addition to ranking benefits, videos have historically been shown to improve sales conversion rates. A simple 360° product video will provide these benefits with excellent value. (One Apollo can offer a premium Product Video offering at additional costs)