Consulting for Amazon

The client must purchase an hour retainer upon initiation. Any supporting material, such as performance notifications that indicate the client’s issue, should be provided during payment. One Apollo may require additional discovery materials to diagnose the problem entirely, so it is encouraged the client actively communicate with our specialist throughout the entire proess.

Troubleshoot Consulting for Amazon Performance Issues 

One Apollo can help you get out of suspension and get your account health back on track. Here is a list of common issues often solved by One Apollo.

Suppressed listings

Account health errors

Blocked listings

FBA shipment errors

Account suspension

Stranded listings

Customer NCX errors

Brand registry issues

Inactive SKUs

Account health errors

A+ content / storefront upload error

If the issue is beyond the scope of our expertise, we will refund the money immediately before any fees or charges.

Also, if One Apollo’s consulting does not solve the issue, we will refund 50% of the money spent. If the issue requires more time after the initial hour retainer, the client is notified before resuming hours spent and must purchase an extra hour on retainer